Pallet Freezer Spacers

Unipak Pallet Freezer Spacers are designed to allow maximum air circulation between palletized carton layers, effectively ‘spacing’ product requiring rapid freezing or thawing. This spacing allows faster and more economical freeze, chill or thaw time and freeing up blast freezer or chiller space for ‘next load’ utilization.

Our design allows multi directional airflow between the layers of cartons, thereby optimizing and speeding up the desired temperature requirement. Our pallet spacers are the tool of choice for cold storage facilities, meat processing plants, as well as food processors.

The advantange of our pallet spacers is that by quickening the freezing process, they assist in reducing energy costs and limit freezer or chiller system cycle times.

100% reusable, washable and recyclable, Unipak Freezer Spacers can be nested up to 500 pieces in one pallet space when not in use. The tough durable design is manufactured from HDPE materials and is suitable for use with food and in a high temperature variance environment.

Length x Width : 1150 x 1150mm
Spacer Height : 35mm
Material : HDPE Black

Pallet Freezer Spacer Features

Unipak Pallet Freezer Spacer product sheet

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