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Eco-Net Bale Net

UniPak is very proud to present Eco-Net Bale Net, a netwrap product that helps you save $ on your silage baling expenditure, while also helping to save the environment. UniPak Eco-Net is the world’s first commercialised bale net made 100% from recycled HDPE resins. This environmentally-friendly net wrap is proof that recycling is possible with a bit of effort and good conscience, while also having the benefit of delivering a saving for our trade partners.

This net is specially designed for silage bales only and requires a silage film overwrapping.
With Eco-Net we guarantee all standards – length, high tensile strength while the product also carries the benefit of a universal fit to all balers, with both 1.23m and 1.3m widths available.

The entire packaging of Eco-Net – the material itself and the core – is made of recycled materials.

Width Length Colour Edge Strip
1.23m 4000 Black White
1.3m 4000 Black White

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Olympic-Net Bale Net

UniPak Olympic-Net is designed for lighter crops like silage and hay – green net for green material. It fits well to all balers in a 1.23m wide application and requires a minimum of 3 wraps for silage and a minimum of 4 wraps for hay. Olympic-Net is not suitable for use with straw.

With Olympic-Net you will minimise net waste in the baling process and maximise efficiency. Long lengths of 4550m mean you won’t have to change rolls over so often, increasing your efficiency and decreasing your downtime.

Width Length Colour Edge Strip
1.23m 4550 Black White-Red

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Maxi Ultra HD Extreme Twine

Introducing Maxi-Ultra HD Extreme Twine, the new high-tech European baler twine added to the stable of UniPak twines.

A specific twine which application suits Extreme / Ultra High Density baling, such as with the Massey UHD 2370.

The highly visible orange-coloured premium twine delivers an incredible 340kg knot strength to cater for the harsh application that it’s intended for. And the extra length of an 11kg spool means fewer changes and more efficient usage.

Maxi-Ultra HD2370 combines well-crafted European manufacturing with great value for your dollar.

RunnagePackLength/Knot Strength
85 Runnage2 x 11kg2 x 935m / 340kg

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Power Press T130 Twine

Introducing Power Press T130 , the new high-tech European baler twine added to the stable of UniPak twines.

A universal twine whose application suits the mid to low range High Density baling to Standard Big Square Balers.

A highly visibly orange rust colour to distinguish easily from the fodder, whilst backing it up with the performance needed in knot strength and slip resistance.

Mechanically fibrillated and uniformly twisted, so it runs smoothly, Power Press T130 is also soft on knotters while offering excellent knot strength for a 110m runnage twine.

Power Press T130 combines well-crafted European manufacture with economy to supply great value for your dollar.

RunnagePackLength/Knot Strength
110 Runnage2 x 9kg2 x 990m / 260kg

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Unipak Fat-Wrap Net Wrap (300+Kgf)

UniPak is proud to present Fat-Wrap Round Bale Netwrap.

UniPak Fat-Wrap Round Bale Netwrap, is your choice when it comes to a reliable and safe netting for your fodder. With high UV for Australian conditions and a thick robust constructed net, it is the ideal protector for your hay and silage bales.

With an impressive 310 kilograms of force, and 13 grams per lineal metre, it is the heavyweight champion you require.

If you need security in containing, handling and storage, then Fat-Wrap it.

Nominal Width (±1)cm123123125130
Length (+1%)m3,0003,6003,0003,000
Diameter (±1)cm27.529.027.527.5
Total Weight (±1)kg40.247.240.542.0
Breaking Strength (± 25)kgf310310315325
Elongation (± 5)%20202020
Grams / Metreg12.812.813.013.5

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Powernet Net Wrap

UNIPAK IS PROUD TO PRESENT YOU – POWERNET Committed to research, design and innovation, UniPak is dedicated to providing the best performing netwrap products on the market.

Powernet offers farmers and contractors a universal approach with complete bale coverage, that can be used in all makes and models of round baling machines.

Powernet Net Wrap
1.23 X 3000 metresS2S16 Rolls / Pallet
1.23 X 3600 metresS2S16 Rolls / Pallet
1.30 X 3000 metresOS16 Rolls / Pallet
1.30 X 3600 metresOS16 Rolls / Pallet
Features1.23 x 3000 metres1.30 x 3000 metres
Raw materialPolyethylenePolyethylene
Grams per metre12 g/m ±5%12.7 g/m ±5%
Linear breaking strength250 kg265 kg
Roll weight36 kg38.1 kg
Number of wraps5053
Elongation18% ±418% ±4
UV Stabilisation %
(12 months protection)
Tube Length1250 mm1315 mm
Marker Yarn (to advise end of roll)PurplePurple

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