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Unipak Baleforce Net Wrap

High quality round bale netwrap that you can rely on

Unipak is proud to present Baleforce Netwrap. Baleforce delivers a high strength bale wrapping solution for the most demanding conditions. Using high grade polymers and high UV protection in it’s premium blend, guarantees that Baleforce protects your valuable round bales against the harsh Australian climate. With a wide window of operation, the European produced Baleforce net wrap products work very well in all balers & spreading systems.

Unipak net wrap product range

The Unipak Baleforce net wrap product range is manufactured under very strict quality standards and has a proven track record for high reliability and durability. Baleforce is regularly used in the most harsh and extreme of Australian conditions; in North Queensland, Western NSW, Northern Territory, South Australia, North West WA and Tasmania. We produce our bale netwrap with a high level of UV stability for Australian conditions. We guarantee it.

How is our net wrap constructed

Our net wrap is constructed from the same strong and enduring HDPE materials throughout its entire design. During the manufacturing process, the master batch, raw materials and UV stabilisers are exacted to the same quality standard every single time. The end result is a net wrap that performs extremely well all the time, across all round baling machine types, and produces consistency and longevity season after season.

Whatever crop and fodder material you are baling, Baleforce round bale net wrap has excellent tensile strength, sufficient elongation and great width coverage, making it easy to use and producing great quality round bales. And, this top-quality net wrap comes in guaranteed roll length.

Coming in 3 widths; ‘side to side’ 1.23m width / spreading from one bale edge to edge on the opposite side, ‘wide edge’ 1.25m width to suit Welger round balers. Lastly ‘over the side’ size, which cover edge sides of the bale with its 1.3m width, is more to suit machines such as John Deere round balers, Unipak Baleforce provides you with a smooth run net wrap product that works well for all applications and for all round baling machines.

How to Choose a Net Wrap

Please check out our knowledge guide, ‘Which Netwrap ’ chart (link to new page) to see which size application suits your particular baling machine if you are unsure.

We do suggest using a suitable number of wraps according to crop type, conditions, transport and storage, to best allow BaleForce to protect your hay straw and silage resources.

Wherever you are, we are able to supply directly to you or via one of our distributors nationally. We have depots in each of the major Australian capitals and can deliver promptly to any rural or metro region of Australia.

Please download our net wrap product brochure information here.

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Net Wrap Specifications Table

Nominal Width(±1)cm123125130
Total Weight(±1)kg39.540.041.0
Breaking Strength(±25)kgf290295305

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Unipak Baleforce Net Wrap product demonstration

Baleforce Netwrap 1.23m x 3600m

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