Net Replacement Film

Unipak Power Film Net Replacement Film is a more recent technology used by some models of combination baler / wrapper machines such as certain models of Krone Komprima, Goweil G5040 Kombi, as well as some Claas, Vicon, Welger, Orkel and McHale machines.

As the name suggests, Power Film net replacement film replaces the need to use net wrap in holding the round bale formation, and instead applies several layers of solid film around the circumference of the bale. The advantanges of this are multiple.

Why Use Net Replacement Films?

In support of good quality silage bales, using net replacement film is effectively achieving more ‘plastic on plastic’, theoretically increasing layers of protection and improving the oxygen barrier that is needed to achieve good quality silage material.

The application of net replacement film on the bale, tends to condense and compress the bale circumference also, which means that there is less oxygen remaining in the bale itself by the time it is completely wrapped.

There is another potential advantage with Power Film net replacement film in handling and storage. Again, the additional plastic can offer further strength and protection, especially if the baled product is being exposed to higher levels of handling, stacking or transporting.

After feeding out the baled material, waste disposal and recycling are also easier when you have only one type of plastic to dispose of with net replacement film and silage film, unlike bales wrapped with net wrap.

Unipak Power Film net replacement film is manufactured in Europe under the strictest guidelines and exhibits excellent strength, perfect adherence, a high holding force and a high tear resistance.

Net Replacement Film Specifications Table

Power Film net replacement film comes in both 1.28m width or 1.38m width. Please check the specification of your particular machinery as requirements will vary accordingly.

Nominal Width (±1)cm128138
Length (+1%)m1,8001,800

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