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Unipak for professional packaging products for Crop Packaging and the Meat Processing Sector

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Net Wrap

Our net wrap (also commonly called bale wrap or baler wrap) is strong and resilient, and will…

Silage Wrap

UniPak provides top quality silage film (silage wrap) that is guaranteed for a minimum of twelve…

Baling Twine

Supplying baling twine for HD balers as well as Standard square bale applications…

Stockinette Meat Carcass Bags

Printed or unprinted cotton stockinette bags for meat carcass export, made to…

Silage Pit Covers

Our silage covers boast high UV protection, 180 kilolangley, and provide an excellent oxygen barrier…

Pallet Freezer Spacers

For time efficient freezing, chilling or thawing of palletized carton produce…

Welcome to Unipak.

Unipak is Australia’s leading supplier of professional products for both the crop packaging sector as well as the meat processing industry. Our range provides an extensive bale wrapping selection including our high quality silage wrap products and our industry recognised bale net wrap for round bales. We provide top-quality selections for square bales with our extensive baling twine range as well as silage covers for bunkers or silage pits. Unipak also specialise in stockinette meat carcass bags for the food packaging sector.

Why Unipak for your packaging requirements?

Unipak provides a vast and specific selection in our baling products category. Our silage stretch film range covers any application, from the softest to the harshest materials you can wrap. Our bale netwrap includes ‘side to side’ which spreads from one bale edge to edge of the opposite side of the bale, ‘wide edge’ and ‘over edge’ which will spread to cover edge sides of bales. Our polypropylene twine product range offers suitability for any requirement; from small square baler twines, to high density big square baling twine, right through to horticultural twine.

Our Unipak Crop Packaging product range

Unipak’s silage wrap product range is specifically formulated and selected for their superior puncture and tear resistance and all exhibit a very high level of breaking strength. All of our silage films are manufactured in Europe under the strictest quality standards, with a high level of UV resistance to withstand Australian conditions. Our silage wrapping products also come with both plastic cores and cardboard cores depending on the application, and are suitable for use with net replacement film. Regardless of the wrapping machines you are using, we have the right product for your bale silage.

Our Netwrap products

Our round bale net wrap products are made in Europe under strict quality protocols. All of our round bale net wrap is made with high UV stability for Australian conditions. Unipak bale net also comes with a minimum roll length guarantee and our size range means that we have the correct width for all round baling machines, whether your round baler is John Deere, Welger, New Holland, Krone, Case, Claas, McHale, Khun or something else, we have the specific net wrap for the job.

Our Baler twines products

Unipak’s range of baling twines are specifically manufactured and UV stabilised for our Australian climate. Whether you are baling hay straw, soft grasses, or operating a high density big square baler in the toughest conditions, our twines provide smooth run operation, are soft on knotters, demonstrate excellent knot holding, exhibit great tensile strengths and provide superior knot strength. Please see our knowledge guide application charts to match the best twine, netwrap or silage wrap to your particular machine or crop type.

Our Silage Film products

Unipak also specialise in food grade packaging. We supply meat processing facilities across Australia with high quality, export grade packaging materials, Unipak’s cotton stockinette carcass bags and PE carcase bags go above and beyond industry requirements. Our stockinette bags are available in both plain and specially printed styles. These bags are used widely by export and domestic meat plants and operations.

Our newest products

Our newest product, Unipak pallet freezer spacers, allow for maximum air flow between layers of stacked cartons on a pallet, and assist in quickening the ‘chill down’ or ‘freeze down’ time in a blast freezer or chiller application. Particularly suited for the meat processing industry, food processing sector, perishables industry or cold storage facilities, these eggshell shaped sheets allow much greater time efficiency in achieving the desired refrigerated or frozen product temperature. Made of strong, food grade PE, our washable and reusable freezer pallet spacers stack in a very compact fashion to conserve space when not being used.

Unipak Locations

Unipak Pty Ltd is an Australia wide company with depots in all major capital cities, Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Adelaide SA (head office) and Perth WA. We can service customers across the country wherever your business operations may be.

Unipak has been in service since 2009 and we rely on our high quality products to provide referrals and repeat business year round, season after season. Our reputation is one built on quality product, excellent service and high reliability.

We may have one of our valued stockists in your area or, if not, we are able organise to freight products direct to you, anywhere in Australia, with a very quick turnaround. With our wide reaching distribution and freight networks, Unipak has you covered in every region of Australia.

The team at Unipak looks forward to hearing from you so request a quote from us now using the contact form or give us a call today on 08 8162 3800.

Better than other high-profile silage wrap

We have been using UniPak’s silage wrap for three years now. This has given us plenty of time to see how well it stands up to the harsh Tamworth climate. We have found it to actually be better than other high-profile silage wrap. The price is always right, as is the service and on farm delivery.
M.C – Tamworth, New South Wales
We would strongly recommend the Unipak products & their customer service

We operate a contract round bale hay / silage making business in conjunction with our mixed farming enterprise in the Tatiara district, so we need to use good quality products that will satisfy our customers & our own needs at a competitive price. Unipak has been upfront with the specifications of net wrap & silage wrap supplied. The net wrap runs very well in our NH roll-belt 150 baler, covering edge to edge. While the the silage wrap is good quality doesn’t tear like other wrap. We would strongly recommend the Unipak products & their customer service is second to none.
B.S – Naracoorte / Tatiara district, South Australia, SA
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it at all.

We have been conditioning and baling hay in the Mid North of S.A. for 30 years and have found the Unipak net wrap to be excellent in price, easy to use, and long lasting. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it at all.
PS, Clare / Auburn region, South Australia, SA
We appreciate the great customer service we receive

We have been using Unipak silage wrap for the past couple of years and have found the quality to be as good if not better that other leading brands available on today’s market. We will continue our support with Unipak as we appreciate the great customer service we receive.
MS, Milton / Ulladulla region, New South Wales, NSW.
Good quality products that we recommend

I operate my own contracting business, producing round and square hay bales. Quality and reliability is a must for my business and for our customers satisfaction, and that is exactly what you get with Unipak products – net & twine. The bonus is that you get on farm delivery, great prices, easy communication on ordering, as well as for after sales service. Good quality products that we recommend.
N.B. - Buckley / Geelong region, South East Victoria, VIC.
The product performs very well, and we have found it reliable and of a very high quality year after year

We have used the Unipak baling product, particularly the silage wrap, since 2010. The product performs very well, and we have found it reliable and of a very high quality year after year. Given the quantity we use, we’ve also been impressed by the pricing, which has saved us money off our bottom line. Our orders are always delivered quickly direct to us, which makes life easy.
TD, Warrnambool / Camperdown region VIC
The confidence we have in the product is backed up by the support we receive before sales and in after sales service

We’ve used the UniPak silage wrap for a number of years now and have found it does just as good of a job as other well known brands but at a much better price. When you’re making as much silage as we do it’s not an option to use a product that could fail and after a few years using the wrap we’ve never had any issues with it, and neither have any of our clients where we use the product. The confidence we have in the product is backed up by the support we receive before sales and in after sales service. I’ve looked for other silage wrap with the same level of quality and have not found any at a competitive price or as easy to purchase with delivery to the farm organised for us. We intend to keep using the UniPak silage wrap into the future and look forward to any new products they release.
AG- Nowra / Woollongong region, New South Wales, NSW
The service is also great

I have been trading with UniPak for 2 years / seasons now. I’ve used their Net wrap (edge to edge and cover edge) with absolutely no problems at all. The product lasts- it’s still as good as new on bales that have been stored outside in the sun after 2 years and their prices are better than I can find anywhere.The service is also great- If they didn’t have what I needed in stock when I ordered, they have been able to get it in by that afternoon. I’ve also found them to be good communicators for any enquiry I put forth.
N.O. Port Wakefield / Yorke Peninsula region, South Australia, SA
All of these products are of great quality and have earned my trust

I own and run a contracting business and sell hay and silage to the public. I started to deal with UniPak 4 years ago for supply of silage wrap, round bale net wrap, and baling twine. All of these products are of great quality and have earned my trust, which is particularly important in my business. I have found the after sales service and communication very good and all of the product comes at a very competitive price. I would definitely recommend trying this company for your baling requirements.
KP –Rockhampton/ Gladstone region, Central Queensland, QLD