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Baling Twine


Our baling twine is available for both large square and small square baling applications.


Designed with high UV stabilization, our baling twine stands up to anything the tough Australian environment can dish out, season after season.


Suitable for conventional baling machines, our baling twine performs very well, eliminating unnecessary downtime and allowing the farmer or contractor to get on with the job unimpeded.


Blue is the preferred colour, more than natural or rust colours, due to its visibility to the naked eye, allowing you to differentiate the baling twine against the baled materials.


Made from premium polypropylene materials, our baling twine is guaranteed to perform well.


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Baling Twine Specifications Tables:

Large Square Baling Twine  

ColourLength / spoolSpools / packMtrs / packLinear strengthKnot strength


Small Square Baling Twine 

ColourLength / spoolSpools / packMtrs / packLinear strengthKnot strength


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