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Silage Wrap - Round Bale Silage Film 


Unipak silage wrap offers the highest quality silage baling product at the best possible price. We guarantee it. So, if you want a premium silage wrap product without a ridiculously high price tag then you have come to the right place, and we’d like to invite you to try us.


Our silage wrap products are manufactured from 100% virgin metallocene resin and the highest quality UV additives and colourants, providing a silage film that boasts excellent performance along with a very high level of UV protection. This translates to a silage wrap that provides year round sun protection in the harshest of environments, and ensures an excellent yield from each and every bale.


While having excellent elongation and stretch rate, Unipak silage wrap is not brittle, but rather, it is very strong and resilient. Our film will remain malleable when baling and when in use, but at the same, time maintain excellent tear and puncture resistance. This means you can get on with the baling job at hand in a timely manner, with less stoppages and interuptions.


With an excellent tack factor, Unipak silage wrap provides an air tight seal every time. Meaning your bales will be weather proof, waterproof and protected from the elements.

Also, all of our silage wrap rolls are all produced on plastic cores, so the core will not degrade in rain or inclement weather conditions.


We pride ourselves on providing a benchmark premium silage wrap product Australia wide at the best price, direct to you anywhere in Australia. Please contact us directly today and we will provide you with a quote delivered to you wherever you are.


We are Australia wide with depots in all major capitals so we can supply our silage wrap,and associated baling products, prompt to you anywhere. Please contact us today. 


 Silage Wrap & Film Specification Table



Call or email us for a quote or to get more information, or to discuss ordering in a colour or specification not listed. 


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