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Silage Covers / Silage Pit Covers


Manufactured from premium quality resins, our silage pit covers are constructed from materials that deliver a tough and durable product that you can count on.



With a very high level of UV stabilization, our silage pit covers are perfectly suited for any region in Australia and covered by a warranty spanning 18 months.


Double sided in colour, with black underside and white top side, our silage pit covers allow excellent sun reflective capabilities, while also blocking UV sunlight from passing through to the silage stores beneath, allowing the best conditions for quality silage.


Our silage pit covers are manufactured to an exacting standard, offering a very high level oxygen barrier, and providing the best possible environment for fermentation to occur. These factors also assist inminimizing wastage and allowing high preservation of the silage matter stored within.


So, in short, our silage pit covers ‘have you covered’, no matter how big or small the job is. Please contact us today for a quote. We’ll be happy to provide you a very high quality silage cover product, and save you money at the same time. We deliver direct to you wherever you are so contact us now. We’ll be happy to hear from you.


Please see below tables for the different sizes and specifications of our full silage pit cover range.


Silage Pit Cover Specifications Table

12m x 50m15m x 50m15m x 300m18m x 50m18m x 300m
11 per pallet11 per pallet1 per pallet11 per pallet1 per pallet


12m x 50m15m x 50m18m x 50m15m x 300m18m x 300m
10 per pallet8 per pallet8 per pallet1 per pallet1 per pallet







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