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Baling Twine / Bale Twine

Big Square Baling Twine, Small Square Baler Twine and Round Bale Twine

With very high linear breaking strength and excellent knot strength, our range of big square baling twines, small square baling twine and round baler twine offer an excellent, fuss free solution for your baling requirements.


Manufactured with high grade UV stabilizing additives, our baling twine range provides some of the highest UV protection available. So, you can count on the durable and long-lasting nature of our product, regardless of how harsh the climatic condition is.


Made from the highest quality polypropylene material master batches, all of our baling twine is produced under stringent quality procedures in Europe, ensuring you receive a product that will demonstrate excellent performance, each and every time.


All of our baling twine products are manufactured using advanced polymers, are mechanically fibrillated and are uniform in their twisting. And, therefore, provide excellent knotting and knot strength, whilst at the same time being soft on your knotters.

Large Square Baling Twine

Our range of large square baling twines consist of Standard application big square twine, HD twine and Ultra HD. All of our products are colour coded for ease of use and application.

Small square bale twine / Round Baler Twine

Our small square baling twine and round bale twine both come in twin packs. With extra meterage to assist with less stoppages. 

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Bailing Twine Specification Table

Product nameCodeColourSpools / PackMetres / PackPacks / PalletStrengthApplication
UniPak Green MachineBST GREENGreen22400m48245kg knotStandard Big Square
UniPak Terracotta WarriorHD TERRATerracotta22100m48275kg knotHD Big Square
UniPak White KnightUHD WHITEWhite22000m48300kg knotUltra HD Big Square
UniPak Blue RibbonSS BLUEBlue24500m8080kg knotSmall Square
UniPak Round BaleRND BALELight Blue28500m6070kg LinearRound Bale



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