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Hay Baling Twine

Big Square Baling Twine and Small Square Baling Twine

With very high linear breaking strength and high knot strength, our big square baling twine and small square baling twine, both offer an excellent, fuss free hay solution for your requirements.  And, all at an excellent price, direct to you Australia wide!


Manufactured with high grade sun stabilizing additives, and offering a massive 240 kilolangley UV rating, our baling twine provides some of the highest UV protection available. So, you can count on the durable and long-lasting nature of our twine, regardless of how harsh the climatic condition is.


Made from the highest quality polypropylene material master batches, our baling twine is produced under stringent quality proceedures, ensuring you receive a product that will demonstrate excellent performance, each and every time.


Large Square Baling Twine

Our large square baling twine comes in twin packs / 2 spools per pack. Featuring 80% higher grip than other products on the market.



ColourLinear StrengthLengthKnot Strength


Small square baler twine

Same as the big square twine, the small square baling twine comes in twin packs. And with the UV protection that you can trust and count on.



ColourLinear StrengthLengthKnot Strength

We’d love to provide you a quote on our baling twine, no matter where your region across our country. We deliver promptly, direct to you, at the best possible price. Contact us today for a quote.


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